Double Hung Windows

This beautifully sculpted window has been crafted to emulate the look and feel of old traditional wood windows, with all the benefits of maintenance-free vinyl and supreme thermal efficiency.

Fusion-welded corners and naturally-sloped sills eliminate the need for unsightly drain holes and guard against possible leaks. And unlike typical windows, our double hungs feature not one, but three continuous weather-strip seals, making them virtually airtight.

Thanks to built-in features like self-tensioning balances, you need not bother with adjustments, or constant lubrication which typical balances require. So you will enjoy a draft-free home, without the hassle of time-consuming service problems.

Also, our unique pivot system allows sashes to tilt into your home for ease of cleaning & sashes remove in a flash and can be reinstalled just as quickly! Our windows are manufactured to such tight standards that when lock, there is virtually no slop or movement.


  • Traditional Wood Look
  • Constructed of Maintenance-free Vinyl
  • Triple Weather Stripping
  • Self-tensioning Balances
  • Tilt-in Sashes for Easy Cleaning
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Double-hung window image