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  Angie's List 2008 Super Service Award Winner  

Radiant Windows is a member of Angie's List, a word-of-mouth network for consumers—and a recipient of its 2008 Super Service Award! This network is a growing collection of homeowners' real-life experiences with local service companies available in the Cleveland area and around the country.  The people who join Angie's List are like you — looking for a way to find trustworthy companies that perform high-quality work. Rather than digging through the phone book, they check Angie's List to find out what people in their area are saying about the companies they've hired.  Just go to for more information or to become a member!  Click on this link for a list of reports that Angie’s List Members have written about Radiant Windows.  Browse a few… or read them all… it’s a nice way to get to know us and to hear how other people’s projects have gone in their words.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Comment after installing new kitchen windows:

“It was a great experience. Well worth taking off work for! The crew was just marvelous and very professional with a little cut up (humor).” He also commented, “The digital meat thermometer in my kitchen always read 61-62 degrees prior to installing the new windows. Now the thermometer reads 66-67 degrees. I am very impressed!”

Comment after we replaced 14 windows in a residence:

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment your company on its professionalism, quality and service. This was a major renovation choice for my husband and I and we had hopes of still doing a kitchen too. When my friend Wendy Macklin told me about Radiant Windows I was skeptical but my husband; the structural engineer who had worked on some lawsuits in regards to windows as a consultant; was very impressed with your product and explanation of the installation process. In addition your pricing was very competitive making it an easy decision and ultimately an easy experience. We did not feel pressured by the sales representative and the personal touches of the installers knowing we had pets and children, demonstrating concern for their safety while on the job reflected the “family” feel of your company and attention to details that instilled immediate trust.

Initially, I did not believe your sales representative when he told me the installers would clean up after themselves all I could think was, “yeah I’ve heard that one before.” However, I was amazed when I popped in to find a carpet-protecting barrier running through my home up the stairs to all the areas installers were working. Even after they left the first day you couldn’t tell that night they’d been in the house and after the job was done both the inside and outside were spotless of any carpentry debris. Finally, we were extremely impressed by the polite, prompt and friendly work ethic of your installation crew. 14 windows in 1- 1/2 days seemed amazing to me.

Since the windows have been in we have noticed a great improvement of retaining the heat in our home on the second floor. We are only sorry we didn’t know about your company many years ago when my daughter would complain so of her chilly room.

Comment after we replaced 41 church windows and did some trim on the outside:

I would not have anyone else! They were careful with the building and very accommodating to our time schedule. They cleaned up well and were very nice people. I do not have even a minor complaint!

Comment after we replaced the windows in an older home:

Our experience with Mike and Radiant Windows was nothing but pleasant. Mike's visit to our home for the initial estimate was very professional and informative. He did not give us a presentation full of gimmicks and hard sell techniques that we received from other companies. We would have probably selected Radiant based on our impression of the company and the professionalsim is Mike. But Radiant was also the lowest bid! The Sunrise Windows they installed look great and, from the information given to us, seem to be a quality window. The crew finished the installation ahead of schedule and Mike was always prompt on returning phone calls. Another plus—great cleanup after the job! We would recommend Radiant Windows to anybody.

Comments after we replaced every window in this home (20+ windows) and installed a new bay window in the kitchen:

We were ready to go with another company when Mike came in to give us an estimate. We were so impressed with his professionalism and their product that he completely won us over.

He kept us informed the whole way through the process. They were on time, courteous, efficient. did great work and even finished the job in less time than they had estimated. They consulted us on various details about the work to make sure we were totally happy.

The bay window they installed in the kitchen is magnificent and makes the kitchen look twice its size. He even managed to work some magic with the sticky Cleveland Heights Architectural Board to get us what we wanted. On the last day we were trying to figure out how to make the most of our new living room picture window and Mike played Interior Designer to help us rearrange the furniture for maximum effect.

A year later we are still absolutely delighted with the windows and have had no problems with them. We plan to have them redo our doors, too.

Comments after we replaced 19 windows plus a sliding glass door. We also removed an old service door and replaced it with a window:

Mike (the owner) came out for the sales call. He is very knowledgeable about the products and services. He spent a lot of time on the estimate and explained in detail how the installation would be done.

They kept us informed throughout the project. The workers were friendly and always cleaned up. Mike came out at the completion of the work to inspect it and make sure we were satisfied.

The price that they quoted was exactly what they ended up charging. There were no additional charges at all, even though they got into quite a bit or rework in replacing some rotted wood on the frame of the sliding glass door. We are very satisfied.



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